Princess Costume

Princess Costume - I knew it was coming, I just didn’t know it would come quite this soon. My daughter has always loved the Wiggles, and each year she has wanted to be a Wiggle for Halloween. This year, however, she had a different idea. She wanted to get a princess costume, and she wanted something sparkly and fluffy. It doesn’t mean the Wiggles are out the door just yet, but it does mean that she is getting a little older, and I am glad to see that she has a fascination with things that are mostly fantasy. I don’t believe you can get very far in the world without a healthy imagination, and she has one. I didn’t have to buy an entire princess costume for her, thankfully, because she had just been in a wedding as a flower girl. Her dress was perfect for a princess costume, and all I had to buy to complete her look was the tiara, a wand and some cute shoes. She was happy with the result, and I threw in some fairy wings just for fun. She loves the outfit so much she wore it to the Wiggles concert as well. She loved it, and many of the moms did too. If you want to buy a princess costume for your little girl, you can use a dress you may already have, like I did, or you can find some great ones in thrift stores. You can also go to a toy store to buy a complete princess costume, but you may find it to be priced pretty high but made from inferior materials. Kids are rough on clothes and some of the costumes I have seen in the stores just wouldn’t hold up to what my daughter can put an outfit through on any given day.
A princess costume might not just be for Halloween or even Wiggles’ concerts. My daughter has worn hers to the grocery store and to many other places where you may not think you should dress up. I let her wear what she wants, and if she wants to go to the craft store dresses in her princess costume, there is no reason why she can’t. You may not agree with what you kids want to wear when they are young, but it’s not really that big of a deal. Choose your battles, and save your energy for the big stuff. Besides, who doesn’t love to see a fairy princess when they are shopping for groceries?
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