Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Leather Motorcycle Jacket - Ask any motorcycle enthusiast, and he or she will tell you the favorite part of this preoccupation: freedom. Being able to smell the very air he speeds through, the many and wondrous scents of nature and beautiful vistas along the way are just some of the many pleasures of the sport. Both men and women enjoy the sport. Those who ride on a regular basis are sure to invest in proper apparel. Aside from boots, pants, vests and helmets, one of your first purchases should be a leather motorcycle jacket.

The difference between a leather motorcycle jacket and a denim one is quite simple: comfort and style. A denim jacket may cause chafing around the wrists and neck and does not provide adequate protection from the environment.

Windbreakers won't do, as they're thin and flimsy, and don't stand up to wind at speed. Besides, as a fashion statement, they're contradictory to the rugged nature of a biker. The leather motorcycle jacket provides comfort, style and protection.

Since you're right out there in nature an not in the enclosure of a car's protection, wind becomes suddenly important. Without a leather motorcycle jacket, you can be quite cold in a matter of minutes. There's also the bug factor. A big juicy bug making sudden contact with your unprotected chest can actually leave a bruise, while the littler critters simply hurt. Bees can spell trouble for those allergic persons. You can see that a leather motorcycle jacket will increase your enjoyment of this sport.

Like a second skin, this apparel provides protection from rain, wind, cold, and wayward insects.  The leather motorcycle jacket can be plain, without detailing, emblems or other decorations, such as those featured in the film “Grease”. Other tastes may run to more ornate designs, jackets with fringe detailing, club logos and numerous other embellishments.

Some jackets are reminiscent of the old west, with long black tassels angling off the sleeves, reflecting the cowboy, independent image of some motorcyclists.

Other people may like the classic Marlon Brando or Grease style of simplicity. These jackets have no ornamentation, made of smooth black leather of high quality and give a rich and sophisticated look.

Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Yet others prefer the grungy, look of a coarser grain leather, the rough worn look in leather motorcycle jacket fashion. These are quite distinct, in that they have been purposely aged. They're characterized by deep creases and wrinkles, signifying the riders' long affinity and experience in his sport.

So the leather motorcycle jacket is utilitarian, yet attractive wear. Protecting the skin from unsuspecting bugs, rushing air, stinging cold, and heavy rain, the jacket is a good friend of the motorcyclist. When he's old enough to look back on his biking days, his leather motorcycle jacket is sure to be prominent in his memories.
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