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Books For Children - I have been a child psychologist for many years. I have learned just how complicated children can be. As hard as it is to be an adult, imagine how much harder it is to be a child. Adults have some sense of what is going on, and at least nominal power over their lives. 
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Children often have neither. There are some factors in the life of a child which obviously help or hurt. When the parents do not spend enough time with the children, or when the kids have classmates who are mean, they can develop serious depression. What did surprise me, however, was how much difference reading make in the lives of kids. Families with books for children consistently seem to raise healthier, happier youngsters.

Of course, not all books for kids at the same. There are some books for children that will last forever. If you are a parent, you should think back to your own childhood. What kids book stuck with you. Do your parents have a favorite book for children? It is easy to forget the stuff as you grow up, but once you have children of your own, it starts to come back to you.

Having good books for children is not enough. Parents need to be involved in reading. This means, first of all, reading to children every day. Children learn by imitation. If they are not read to, they will not learn to read on their own. Just as important, however, is the quality of the books for children that are used. As a general rule, books for children that bore you will bore your children too. This is not always the case, as people have different tastes, but it is more often true than not.

Good books for children should be able to entertain all ages. If you can get excited about the book that you are sharing with your child, that excitement will be contagious. Soon, he or she will become more excited about reading! Reading books for children should be a process of sharing more than anything else. The more you interact with the book, the better. You should encourage your child to think ahead. They should try to figure out what will happen next. That way, they will develop critical thinking skills from an early age. This, in turn, will further help them with child literacy. Reading books for children is the surest way to help your child get a head start on the future.
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